Monday, February 17, 2014

Bag it Up and Take it To Go. . .

I love bags. All kinds of bags.

Tote Bags, Purse-bags, make-up and cosmetic bags, shopping bags, ziploc bags, waxed paper bags. . . . you name it.

I've made countless bags ~ knit bags, crochet bags, fabric bags, bags made with strips of vintage sheets. . . .

It's official, I'm a bag lady.

Not that being a bag lady is a bad thing. It's not.  

I found this tote bag pattern tutorial a few weeks ago and felt the need to make it NOW. So I did, and then I made another.

{Click on Photo to Enlarge}

First up, this one is made from snippets of vintage tablecloths, and my favorite denim embroidered with little red cherries.  How cute is that ruffle?? For me, that sold it.  That, and the fact that it's super simple.  Easily made with small amounts of fabric and some 5" charm squares (or cut your own, as I did here.) The other thing I love? It's BIG and BOXY, you can fit a boatload of stuff in this!  It's 17" across at the top and it opens up nice & big with a boxy base.  I lined this one with a red & white mini polka dot.

 {Click on Photo to Enlarge}

This one is my fave.  I made it using a long out\-of-print fabric that I've been saving for years.  {For those that care, it's SWELL, by Urban Chiks for Moda.}I don't know what it is about this line, but I'm absolutely crazy about it. I still have a bit of yardage and a few fat quarters left.  I used 16 precious charm squares, a skinny long piece for the ruffle and then the base is a slubby nubby linen.  I lined it with Osnaburg, which is sort of a faux-linen, and embellished it with a big chunky vintage green button and some red & white vintage trim on the handles and button loop. I love this one, too!  

Can you ever have too many bags?? I surely don't think so! 

I'm going to keep one of them, and one will be in our booth at one of our spring shows. Just not sure which one yet!  

If you fancy making one of your own,  Here is the link.  It's an oldie from 2011, but still a goodie, don'tcha think??  If you share my love of bags, you can follow my BAG IT UP AND TAKE IT TO GO pinboard over on Pinterest. Just click on the link right over on the right and it will take you right to my pinterest.

Back Soon! xo P

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Just a quick note to let you all know that the website has had a makeover and it's filled up with lotsa newly made goods...fusion style ~using vintage & new textiles & treasures! Click on the link at the top of the sidebar to add to see what's new.

Happy Saturday to all!

Monday, February 3, 2014

February - and Yes, it's STILL WINTER!

Good Morning!

So it's February already! This morning, I'm sipping my coffee and looking out the window while I type this, at snow falling down once again . . . . it's been quite a year in the ol' snow department here in my neck of the woods, and that meant plenty of hunkering down in January. Good Gosh it feels good to GET. STUFF. DONE. Crossing projects off my list that have been on there for quite some time. 

 I happen to LOVE the post-holiday weeks.  I love Christmas, love The Holiday Season, but when it's over, it's OVER. I want it taken down PRONTO and I'm ready for some deep cleaning and organizing.  This year was no different. There's been plenty of fun too - lots of time spent with our two little loves, Kadence & Avery,  lots of knitting, sewing and crafting, snuggling with my hounds is just about the best thing that I do on a daily basis. . .. but man o'man this gal was on a mission TO. GET. ORGANIZED.  I've still got a little ways to go, but with a very heavy show schedule for 2014, it was imperative that I get myself properly organized, and I did! I tossed things out that I've hung onto for YEARS.....Goodwill was the recipient of some good stuff! Even had a little fun with my nieces and my own two daughters & daughter-in-law - - - sending off a pasta maker, boxes of mason jars, a rice cooker and an egg poacher. (Yes, the pantry is now clean and organized!) and I've got  plenty of room  for when flea market season starts up next month!

I'll be posting my show schedule here next month! I was able to meet several people who were blog or Facebook followers online, at The Country Living Fairs this past year, and it's always fun!  

We're also very active on Instagram these days, so if you fancy keeping up with me, you can find me there at SentimentallyMe in IG.

Back soon! Hope you all are staying warm & cozy in your part of the world, wherever you are!

xo P

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it's 2014 already??

Good gosh, the year flew by, but onto bigger and better things right??

As you can see, our little Avery is growing like a weed, along with her big sister Kadence. We are so happy to be such a close part of their lives and spend as much time as we can with the two of them.

Lots of changes here at Sentimentally Me HQ, which I'll fill you in on shortly, but for now, suffice it to say that we have a heavy show schedule for 2014 including 4 Country Living Events across the country and several antiques shows, coming up! 

My plan is to post upcoming shows here on the blog AND on our Facebook page.

If you're on Instagram, I post tons of photos almost daily of my ongoing projects and maybe a grandaughter photo or two, or three . . . . :) Follow us at SENTIMENTALLYME to keep up!

Wishing everyone the BEST New Year filled with peace, health, love & happiness, along with  hefty dose of whatever makes your heart sing with joy!

Back Soon!

xo P

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quiet Time . . .

Just a little note to let you all know that I've got a crazy hectic life these days (who doesn't, right??)

My lil' ol' bloggie here doesn't get the time and attention it deserves, so I'm focusing on my Facebook Page and Instagram, links can be found over on the sidebar.  Both of these social networking sites are much more mobile and easier for me to update.

So much racing around in my head . . . . plans being made, antique & crafty shows, family events and more, but something's gotta give.

If you find a way to add a few more hours in the day, let me know, okay??

I'll still be stopping by and visiting you all when there's a free moment for sure.

Love to All!

xo P

Friday, September 13, 2013

Chilly Pumpkins

Yep, my pumpkins were chilly, so I made them sweaters. . . . . 

Ha! Just Kidding!


I did make pumpkins out of sweaters - so fun! Easy Peasy project! So many variations on this, just hop on Pinterest and search sweater pumpkin and you'll find the method that works best for you.

Have a great weekend!

Talk Soon! xo P

Monday, September 9, 2013


A favorite word of mine.
Seems fitting, since Autumn is my favorite season of all time!

It's early yet, but as I sit here in my office which is just off of the front hall in our home, I had to shut the front door, first time I got a bit chilly with just the screen door, in many, many months!

We've just returned from a week at Brimfield, what a whirlwind!

I love love LOVE my vintage-peeps, they're the best, and our little neighborhood in the J & J field is filled with the most wonderful people.  Three times a year, we get together, talk shop, catch up on each others lives, and cheer each other on with every sale. September at Brimfield is wonderful, the best of all three.   I changed up my booth some and it worked out great! Our spot was the same, so all of my regular customers found me, so it's all good!

This is how I set up my vintage and embellished kitchen linens.  
(This photo is on loan to the Vintage Tablecloths Club, if you've seen it before!)
My husband made the display for me and it's awesome ~ space saving and it allows shoppers to really see the items. Love it!

This time around I brought alot of handmade treasure, along with the vintage goods! We sold tons of Irish Knit Sweaters, Wooly scarves & cowls and more. The weather was perfect for trying on something warm & wooly, most people that bought one kept it on! Love That!

It's always a thrill when someone returns again, telling the tale of how much they still love the treasure that they found from me at one show or another. I think that's why I love selling at live shows so much. It's meeting the people who take care of these vintage treasures that I just can't seem to pass by.

We're back in the swing of things here on The Homefront now.  

Kadence has grown I-don't-know-how-many-inches in the past month (Enough so that she can FINALLY get herself on the trampoline all by herself!) and Avery is growing like a weed! She's 5 weeks old and smiling and forming her very own personality.  Love those two like crazy!  I'll post some photos of the two of them next time.

I hope you're ALL in for FALL . . . . can it really be time for pumpkins, cornstalks and apple cider? Yes, I think so! Kadence and I made our first Apple Pie of the season yesterday. No pic though, it was gone in a flash!

Talk Soon my friends!~

xo P

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dwindling Days and an Introduction!

Good Monday Morning!

Can you believe it, here in the USA, Labor Day is coming right up, and it's the UN-official end of summer. What a whirlwind summer it has been for us here at Casa Quiltdoggie.

There's a hint of Autumn in the air here in New England. The days are a bit shorter, and the sun a bit less intense.  Summer days turn to cool, crisp Autumn nights. Makes me want to whip up a Chicken Pot Pie and simmer some Chicken Soup all day.

I. Love. Autumn.   There, I said it, I do, but the best thing about being a life-long New Englander is the change of seasons. When one season is coming to an end, you're ready for the next to begin. It never fails.

So, getting back to summer for just a sec.  We've had some pretty significant events happen here.

Mr Quiltdoggie made some raised garden beds and we've had tons of fun harvesting veggies for the first time in many years.  In fact, I think the last time we had a veggie garden was back in the early 80s when we lived in New Jersey.  The squash & cucumbers did great. For some reason, our tomatoes are not turning red at the rate I hoped they would, so we are savouring each one as it comes off the vine. Delish!

There's been some crafting going on, too!

I've been getting ready for the Fall round up of Antiques shows and replenishing my stock of handmade bits to include in my booth.

Some projects for myself too. I LOVE hand quilting . . . . the rhythm, the instant gratification of seeing your stitches make a section of the quilt come to life. It's so gratifying, and after a bit of a quilting hiatus, I'm back in the swing of things!


Most importantly this summer, we welcomed a new addition to our family.

 Meet Miss Avery Blake Heisler
Born on August 3, 2013 at 8:13 pm
6 Pounds 12 Ounces
22" long

Her Mom, my Daughter in Law, is A-Maz-Ing, and Kadence is completely obsessed with her new baby sister.  Precious Little Loves, these two girlies. They are the love of our lives, we are truly blessed.

Being a big sister is exhausting!  They are all settling into their new routine since Avery has come home.  Kadence is starting Kindergarten this week and ready for lots of fun & adventure and cannot wait to learn to read.  How can it be that almost 30 years ago, their father, our son, came into the world, and now.. . . this???! The circle of life is indeed, amazing.

I have missed visiting all of you, and am slowly getting back to my routine.  We have a busy Fall Season coming up, but Autumn always lends itself to home time, nesting time, and I'm really looking forward to that.  I say, bring on the warm sweaters, cider, pumpkins & football season!

I hope you've all had a wonderful summer and I'm looking forward to getting caught up with you.
Now off I go to get caught up on my blog reading. . . . Talk Soon!

xo P

Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Lovin' Part 2

Happy Friday!

A rare post  on a Friday Afternoon!

Life sure has been busy! I've been sorting through the goods from The Bridgeport Sisters Estate Sale that I mentioned last week (see my June 25, 2013 Post for details!) and going through my storage and finding lotsa treasure!

I'm listing tons of fabrics on eBay throughout the rest of the summer. My husband will be thrilled that my storage area is getting a much needed organization makeover! I had to re-educate myself on eBay, I haven't listed much over there in quite awhile and there are lots of changes, some good, some not-so-much, but rules are rules, and I'm no rule breaker * at least not much of the time!

 photo fABcOLLAGE.jpg

The summer heat has arrived and it's in FULL SWING here in New England! Hot days, cool nights, the raised beds are full of nature's bounty and I'm hoping to start picking soon!

Becca came home from D.C. with THIS little muffin!  He is the happiest little grand-dog. He's exhausted from rough housing and playing dinosaurs with his cousins, so he crashes pretty hard at night, which is just fine!  He really is as happy as he looks ~ adorable!

Fourth of July and Kadence's 5th  Birthday this long weekend are keeping busy.
In the meantime, we await Baby A's arrival, whenever she's good and ready, she'll make her debut. Her Momma and her Dad are READY, so is Kadence, actually we all are, but you know how those babies can be . . . . all in good time.

I'm going to take a bloggie break for a bit. Summer is a busy time 'round these parts!
I'll be back sometime in August, possibly around Labor Day, but in the meantime, you can always follow me on Instagram (quiltdoggie)
 I post tons of photos of vintage treasure AND family photos almost daily.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer (or winter if you're in other parts of the world!)
& I'll be back soon!

xo P

Monday, July 1, 2013

Crafty Bits

Good Monday Morning!

I hope that you all are well and recovering after a wonderful weekend! I know I am! I spent alot of time knitting, because I wanted to AND because I had a little injury. No biggie, but I slipped on the wet grass at 5 am, letting the dogs out and taking a quick stroll out to check on the veggie raised beds. Down I went, right on my tail bone, and it's been bothering me ever since I fell, last Thursday.

{When Will I Learn Not To Wear Slippers OUTSIDE, Especially on the Wet Grass??}

 A few years ago I fell on the ice in our driveway and shattered my leg, breaking several bones and requiring surgery. I still have lotsa hardware in my ankle and leg, and when the weather is hot, humid, rainy, freezing cold, the gosh darn thing acts up. Anyhoo . . . I'm fine, it's all good, but I was down for the count for a bit, and sitting was more comfortable than lying down. So I got to working on some new ®Crafty Bits !

If you're a collector of vintage junk, as I am, you know the words "box lot" are music to our ears! I've got oodles and oodles of vintage crafty bits, and have decided to start putting them together in mini-lots on Etsy.

I've only just begun! So far, mostly vintage buttons and crochet flower with some rick rack, but there is lots more to come including paper, ephemera, greeting cards, textiles and more. All with the vintage crafter in mind!

Stay tuned, and check out my Etsy Shop for weekly updates.  You can also search for CRAFTY BITS on Etsy to see what we've got. I'll be doing this throughout the summer and into the Fall.

In the meantime, I think I'll just 

Right after I finish my knitting project!

Talk Soon . . . . xo P